Logo Design, Identity & Brand Language

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Brand Identity

Once you have a solid logo it’s time to put together your full digital identity. Part of this is your normal business stationery consisting of business cards, envelopes, letterhead, memos, thank you cards, etc.

Brand & Graphic Standards Guide

Every brand needs a graphical standards guide to ensure consistency across media and assets. This ensures that your company’s image and personality are always on point and identifiable to your audience.

Brand language - make a statement.

Who are you as a company? What do you stand for and what drives you forward? These questions and more are typically answered by a set of language standards that tell the story of your brand. Together, they form your organizational ethos and goals – your brand’s DNA, if you will. Things like:

  1. Naming Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Yes, but a company with a poor brand name can have a very serious uphill climb when attracting customers. Your name should be undeniably you and not confused with any other company.

  2. Tag Lines A tagline complements your brand name and gives a customer some clue as to why they should trust you as a business or what makes your company unique. A successful name and tagline balance each other out.

  3. Vision Statements A vision statement clearly identifies itself, but it’s tricky to write a very good one. A good vision statement covers: who you are, what unique edge you may bring to the market, your qualifications, and how you fit into the real world.

  4. Mission Statements A good mission statement focuses on your organization’s purpose. It is also focused on the core beliefs of the organization and the services provide.

  5. Core Values If your organization stands for nothing, your customers will not fall in line. Creating a set of core values helps convey what makes you as a business unique, and why you should be chosen instead of your competitors

What should a good Brand accomplish?

First, it helps you get noticed and become memorable 

Copywriting & Story Telling

Compelling content reaches out, grabs you, and demands interaction!

Let us take your copywriting to the next level by focusing on quality storytelling that adds true value to your business’s website. We accomplish this by understanding your current sales process so we can craft content to enhance your sales funnel and match your customers’ buying habits. As the synergy of valuable copywriting and content optimization collide, your SEO ranking, conversion rates and sales results will improve!

Your Customer’s Perspective: The outside looking in.

When a visitor lands on your website for the first time, they make an initial judgment: Is this business worth my time – and money? As customers continue digging through your site and moving along the sales funnel, they develop an overall impression of your business that determines whether or not they’ll choose to conduct business with you. In short: good content is content that tells a story.

Copywriting & Storytelling Services:

  • Website Content Audit & Strategy - We will go through your whole site and prepare a report and strategy to leverage relevant keywords and optimize copy for readability and conversions. Quote by site size.

  • Analyze page content for SEO, copy value & storytelling. Re-write and optimize.

  • Write content for new pages based on agreed title. Research topic, plan SEO content strategy, and write new content.

  • Website Home Page Package - Write new home page content to give insight into the overall story of the brand.

  • Re-write the “About Us” subpage to be compelling and engaging. Suggest and embed call to actions for website

Get results with a storytelling process that works!

We've developed a unique process that enhances your technical information with captivating copy that promotes your company’s products and services. Our compelling content employs techniques such as:

  • Value-building headers

  • Persuasive optimization of the main body of content

  • Search engine-friendly keywords

  • Calls-to-action

  • Visual imagery

With the best process in the industry for creating copy, we emphasize results over creativity and sales over cleverness. Don’t worry if quality technical content for your subpages is not available from your organization! We have a content discovery process that includes research and interviews so that we can deliver compelling and technically accurate content.

Make the “write” choice by investing in copywriting and content optimization, the keys to improving conversion rates and growing your business

Marketing & Brand Collateral

Corporate Identity, Graphic Design, Web Design, Social site design (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.) to match updated website look, Slide shows & mini-presentations for Social Media, Email Template Design (matching), Brand & Web Standards Guides, Business Stationery, PDF & PPT Presentation Design, PDF & Print Brochures, "Slicks", Spec Sheets, etc.,Trade Show/Exhibit Design

Ad & Direct Mail Design, Video & Infographics

Let us help tell the Story of Your Brand.